Roots of Justice, Inc., provides training, consulting and resources for racial and social justice.

This blog serves two purposes, to support individual Christians who want to reflect on racism and racial justice during Lent, and to provide resources for churches that would like to spark thinking about racial justice during Lent.

Many white churches and their pastors have remained silent during the growing movement for justice invigorated by the killing of Michael Brown. We hope that these resources can assist pastors and worship leaders in ending that silence.

While not all churches follow the lectionary readings, the Revised Common Lectionary provides the most connection across many churches, which is why we base this blog on those texts. Much of the content will be useful even for those congregations that do not regularly follow the lectionary.

If you find these resources helpful, please consider making a small donation to Roots of Justice. While overhead for this blog is negligible, coordinating it requires staff time. And, while this year’s contributors are volunteers, if we continue this resource in future years it would be nice to offer some remuneration to contributors. Support from our readers this year will be an indication if that is possible in the future. Thanks!


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